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EYE-Entry Years Enhancement

USBE has varying requirements for licensing depending on your licensing situation. According to the EYE Brochure (Entry Years Enhancement), these are recommendations for licensing:

Suggested schedule for EYE Requirements (most new teachers):

For more information on each step, continue onto Steps to Upgrade License.

For Out of State Teachers (with 3 or more years of experience):

  • Hold a Level 1 Utah educator License and teach for at least one academic year.
  • Waive Praxis PLT test and Professional portfolio by LEA due to out-of-state/country experience.
  • Receive two professional evaluations in a Utah LEA with a satisfactory final evaluation.
  • Complete any additional LEA requirements.
  • Have a cleared background/fingerprint check within one calendar year;
  • Receive a LEA approval for upgrade to Level 2.
  • Achieve NCLB HQ status in at least one licensure area by passing a content praxis test, if licensed or endorsed in any NCLB subject area.
  • Provide verification of out-of-state or foreign years of licensed teaching experience in a public, charter, or accredited private school.
  • Complete CTE required coursework; contact CTE at 801-538-7662 for information.
  • Complete the Ethics Review within one year of upgrade at
  • Complete a 2-hour, LEA-sponsored Suicide Prevention course within license cycle.

One-Year Extension
If a Level 1 educator fails to complete all of the EYE requirements within the three-year period because of unusual or extenuating emergency circumstances, the LEA may request a one-time, one year extension of the level 1 license to provide additional time for the educator to complete the upgrade requirements; for the Level 1 extension form go to the following website at:

Requests for a Level 1 extension may be submitted beginning in March of the expiration year, but prior to June 30th of the license expiration year.


For other USBE forms, visit:

If you have additional questions, please contact Human Resources at 801-567-8150.