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Steps to Upgrade License

This guide can help you through each step of the Entry Years Enhancement Process:

Ready to upgrade? Begin the USBE Online Licensing process to complete background checks and ethics review.

When you have completed the upgrade form, you can bring it in person or send it through district mail to Human Resources. Once HR has received your information, they will notify you of when you are able to complete the online upgrade.

If you have additional questions, please contact Human Resources at 801-567-8150.

*ARL candidates need to teach at least one year on their level 1 license before upgrading to a level 2 license.

**One common question provisional teachers ask is: "How many points do I need for my license?" As a provisional teacher with a Level 1 license upgrading to a Level 2--you do not need any points. Once you have your Level 2 license, you will need to go ahead and start collecting licensure points for renewal. If you NEED to renew your Level 1 license for any reason--you will need 100 points to do this. Teachers should keep their certificates and document hours spent in trainings/classes for their own record of completion.