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Professional Evaluations-JPAS

Utah LEAs are required to observe Level 1 educators and evaluate their teaching skills at least twice during each of the three EYE years. Observations and evaluation plans are developed by each LEA. It is recommended that evaluations of EYE educators be linked to the requirements of the Utah Effective Teaching Standards.
Jordan District requires provisional educators to complete two JPAS cycles each year while completing the EYE process.

Additional resources can be found on the Jordan Evaluation Systems (JES) website at

Here are a couple links that can be valuable as you go through JPAS:

UETS-based JPAS Professional Development Materials (PDM) Table of Contents
This link contains ideas and suggestions to strengthen instructional skills based on the JPAS indicators. This site can go in hand with the JPAS Feedback Report.

Domains IV and V Suggestions
This link has suggestions and ideas for the interview portion of JPAS. Each indicator has examples of what minimally effective, effective, and highly effective might look like in a classroom. 

JES also provides classes for teachers to learn more about JPAS. Check the UETS-based JPAS Teacher Trainings to see dates and availability of these classes.