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Lead Mentor Training

September 17 & 19


Resources Shared:
Lead Mentor Literacy Specialist Conversation Guide

Lead Mentor Scavenger Hunt

Mentoring Stances

May 1-2, 2018

Resources Shared:
New Teacher Center. (2011). Continuum of Mentoring Practice. Retrieved from:

Continuum of Mentoring Practice (pdf)

Mentor Continuum Self-Reflection Activity

New Teacher Center. (2016). High Quality Mentoring and Induction Practices. Retrieved from:

High Quality Mentoring and Induction Practices (pdf)

LRBI Technical Assistance Manual. Retrieved from:

January 30-31, 2018

Resources Shared:
Aguilar, Elaine. How to Structure a Coaching Conversation. Education Week Teacher. Retrieved from:

Christenson, Matt. How to Develop Rigor in the Classroom. The Art of Education. Retrieved from:

Conversation Stems:

JPAS Domains I, II, and III

My Favorite No. The Teaching Channel. Retrieved from:

September 20-21, 2017

Resources Shared:
Riddle, Allison. Teaching, Like Golf, Is 'No Easy Game'. Education Week Teacher. Retrieved from:

May 15-16, 2017

January 23-24, 2017

September 12-13, 2016

May 24-25, 2016

SharedDocuments :

Resources Referenced:

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  • Jim Knight Better Conversations Edchat Interactive 2015
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January 12 & 14, 2016

EYE and Table-Talk Presentation


Behavior Presentation


Behavior Presentation Materials


September 14-16, 2015