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NCLB Highly Qualified

Praxis II Content Tests
To complete EYE requirements and qualify for Level 2 licensure, a Level 1 educator must be NCLB Highly Qualified in at least one of the NCLB license areas in which they are endorsed. Level 1 educators licensed in non-NCLB areas are not held to this requirement.

Early Childhood and Elementary Educators
To become NCLB Highly Qualified, Elementary (K-6 or 1-8) educators must submit a passing score for the Praxis II (5001) Elementary Education: Multiple Subject Test. This test is made up of 4 subtests in Language Arts (5002), Mathematics (5003), Science (5005), and Social Studies (5004). Each subtest will have its own passing score. An individual must pass all 4 subtests to be considered Highly Qualified (HQ)
in Elementary Education. Early Childhood (K-3) educators may submit a passing score for the Praxis II (5022) Early Childhood Education Content Knowledge.

Secondary Educators Endorsed in NCLB Areas
Secondary Educators endorsed in NCLB areas must become HQ before applying for a Level 2 license. Highly-Qualified status applies to educators of core subjects in the following areas: English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Civics and Government, History, and Geography. Additional information regarding HQ status is available at

Special Education
Special education teachers must be HQ in one area of licensure in order to apply for a Level 2 license. Special Education teachers should consult with their LEA special education department when determining the best test for their educational goals.

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To sign up for a praxis test, please visit the Praxis website.