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A New Resolution

One of the many peculiarities of educators is that our calendar does not begin in January but in August.  However, unlike January resolutions, August resolutions do not concern weight loss.  Instead, August resolutions have to do with personal and professional growth toward becoming the educator that each student deserves.  This week, in New Teacher Induction, our superintendent reminded us that this resolution is not only a nice thing for us to do, but it is an essential part of our job.  The mission of Jordan School District is Every Child, Every day. It becomes, therefore, incumbent upon each educator to work toward making this mission a reality.

So what is it that Every Child, Every Day deserves?  In a 2013 TED talk, Rita Pierson offers a possible answer. She suggests that every child deserves a champion.  What would it look like in a school if each educator became the type of champion that Every Child, Every Day deserves? As we begin this new year, let us do what it takes that we might find out.

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