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NASA Space Place

NASA Space PlaceIt’s back to school time, and at NASA Space Place, there are lots of activities to share with your students.

Planet Profiles
Find out more about our solar system’s eight amazing planets with the new planet profiles. Find out how long a year lasts on Uranus and why the sun doesn’t rise every “day” on Mercury.

Planet Merit Badges
Every planet profile features planet merit badges that showcase each planet’s unique characteristics, as well as beautiful photos.

2015-16 Space Place calendar
You can decorate your classroom with the official Space Place calendar for the 2015-2016 school year. It has beautiful images, NASA facts and trivia, and links to relevant content. Download individual months or the entire set today.

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts!
Learn more about space, the sun, Earth, and comets with these fun activities.

Pinwheel Galaxy Pinwheel: A galaxy in the palm of your hand!

Sun Paper: Marbled paper that looks just like our sun.

Earth Fan: A fan with all of Earth’s interesting layers.

Comet on a Stick: Your very own comet to fly around the room!

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