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Planning for Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher Conferences can sometimes cause stress and anxiety. We know that to be effective teachers, we need to provide “documentation of student progress and descriptive feedback to students and parents” (Utah Effective Teaching Standards; Standard 5).

Teachers will find that conferences will go smoother when doors of communication are opened at the beginning of the year. As they get to know their students and begin making notes of things they observe students do, teachers can keep parents in the know of any unusual behaviors or concerns before conferences. Then, conference time can be better spent focusing on the student’s learning and how to help each student achieve success.

Harvard Family Research Project has compiled information to help you prepare and be successful in your Parent-Teacher Conference experience. They have included before conference ideas, thought processes, during conference ideas, and after conference ideas. Check out their list here: Parent–Teacher Conference Tip Sheets for Principals, Teachers, and Parents

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