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Half a year of teaching is complete; you have gone through the disillusionment phase, and now you are learning from your previous months of experience. Reflection begins and rejuvenation happens. You are in a busy but great moment!

How will you reflect, improve and change? You should reflect on what kind of learning has taken place with your students; does your data show the growth youhope they have experienced? Do you need to change or revamp the way you teach or do something? Could your classroom management be strengthened? Now is the time to evaluate and try something new. This is the joy of being an educator. We can always try something new and make it an adventure with our students. They are willing to help you become a successful teacher, and if you approach the changes you want to implement as changes that will help them be a more successful student, you should have positive feedback from your students. 

Don’t be afraid to fail; we grow from failure when we learn from our mistakes. It makes us stronger, resilient and better. An effective teacher is one who continues to learn, improve and change. Those who are the same throughout their career are not the innovative and dynamic teachers students seek to learn from. We wish you success in your career adventure!

You have been amazing during this very unusual teaching moment. Your websites, Canvas classes, blogs, Zoom meetings, parades, lawn posters, and all the incredible technology you have used to instruct and stay connected to your students has been a monumental effort. We applaud you for finishing strong and caring so much about student success. 

Have a safe, restful summer!

With Gratitude: your JSD Mentor Teacher Specialists

“When you know yourself well--when you understand your emotions, social identities, core values, and personality--you gain clarity on your purpose in life and in work. Being anchored in purpose makes you able to deal with setbacks and challenges.”

-Elena Aguilar, Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators

As we finish the school year and move into summer, take time to ground yourself in who you are--your values, your purpose in teaching. Try some of these reflective activities:

We are in a historic event.  The journals and reflections we keep will one day be primary source documents!  In the midst of all that is happening, try to find a few moments to record your thoughts and impressions.  It isn’t everyday one lives during a pandemic!

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”  --John F. Kennedy

This is especially true during this period in time when teachers and students are participating in online schooling. We are advancing knowledge and the dissemination of truth in many ways that will change teaching and learning forever. In your own reflection, what transformations have you seen in your teaching?

Our new format for teaching has been in session for a couple of weeks now and hopefully things are beginning to settle down.  Despite this educational whirlwind, it is still important to take time for reflection. Here are different ways to reflect:

  1. Use feedback from students
  2. Write it down--even sticky notes
  3. Blog it to share with colleagues
  4. Record it

These came from an Edutopia article: