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In a video message from Marie Kondo with Time, she offers suggestions on creating an at home work space.  She recommends:

  • Be aware of all family member’s schedules so you can compliment each other and organize priorities
  • Thinking about how we spend our time
  • Use mindset or meditation to shift your mind into work mode
  • Find a sense of calm by focusing on what you accomplished at the end of the day

You can watch Marie's video by clicking here.

When education consultant and author John McCarthy Ed.Ms. began teaching online classes, he discovered four things about working from home. His discoveries may help you as you continue to do your best with online teaching. 

1) Separate your school time from your personal/family time

2) Sleep and exercise manage stress and help revitalize

3) Block out time just for yourself

4) Stay connected with people you care about

These four discoveries are all related to the health and wellness of the individual.We cannot give our best to students unless we stay emotionally and physically healthy. Our wish as mentor specialists is that you look out for yourself as much as you look after the learning of your students.

If you would like to read John McCarthy’s article you will find it at

The Washington Post has suggestions on vacationing at home. “The Completely Correct Guide to Vacationing at Home” offers suggestions on how to make your home feel more like a vacation.

  • “Marie Kondo” your home
  • Embrace the power of scent
  • Role-play hotel service
  • Beautify your bathroom
  • Change your playlist
  • Do things you’d normally do on vacation, at home
  • Sleep luxuriously



Have you taken time out for yourself lately? The CDC recommends that we support ourselves these ways during this time:

  • Taking breaks from social media or the news
  • Taking care of your body with breathing, stretching or meditating. Eating healthy and well balanced meals. Exercising regularly. Getting plenty of sleep. 
  • Create a time to unwind. Do activities you enjoy.
  • Connect with others. Call a loved one or friend.