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Mentor Spreadsheets

One lead mentor responsibility is to help the JSD Mentor Specialist Team keep track of mentoring in their school.

Please note that the spreadsheet includes two sheets (tabs located at the bottom of the spreadsheet). The first sheet is school assignments; the second sheet is mentors in your building.

Please do not change the format of the spreadsheet. Include any additional information for district mentor specialists in the note section of the document.

Make sure the following information is included:

Provisional Educator Information:

  • Provisional educator's full name (as recognized by the district)
  • District email address
  • Indicate if they are part time (with a yes)
  • Grade/track or subject along with prep period (for secondary)

Mentor Information:

  • Mentor name (as recognized by the district)
  • District email address
  • Grade/track or subject
  • Indicate if mentor training has been completed
  • Dates that contracts are collected

Mentoring in Another School:

  • List mentors that mentor provisional educators in another school with the information requested

Trained Mentor Sheet

  • Indicate if mentors leave your school (retire, resign, transfer schools, etc)

Sample Elementary Spreadsheet

Sample Secondary Spreadsheet