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Provisional Educator Support: Meetings


Here are some questions that might be considered when building a schedule for new educator meetings.

Who should attend the meetings?

In some schools, provisional educators and mentors attend meetings together.  In some schools, they meet separately.

How often should meetings be held?

Some schools hold meetings with new teachers weekly.  Others hold them monthly.  Some hold them weekly during the first term and monthly following that first term.  Some schools hold them around important school events (such as parent teacher conferences, back-to-school nights, etc.).

What should be discussed during the meeting?

A wide range of topics might be discussed at meetings.  There are some topics that fall under the need-to-know variety that can serve as a starting point.  Other topics will be developed to address specific needs which arise in the real-world practice of those involved.  In this way, the topics discussed are embedded in the practice of teachers yielding deeper and longer lasting effects.

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