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Mentor Training Resources


  New Mentor Training Resource Folder

  Mentor Recertification Resource Folder

Mentor Roles Pedagogy and Content Knowledge Relationships
USBE Mentor Roles and Competencies

USBE Sample Mentor Roles

Teaching Channel: New Teacher Survival Guide: Mentoring

3 Mentoring Stances

The Secret to Great Coaching

Sample Mentor Logs Page

Mentor Pedagogy and Content Knowledge Tool Kit

Working with Students with 504 Plans (provided by:  Glenn Williams, School Psychologist and our district 504 Teacher Specialist)

 Utah Effective Teaching Standards

JPAS Domains Book

Ideas and Suggestions for Domains IV and V

Teaching Strategies Website

Data Dive Protocol

Management Checklist

Routines and Procedures

Common Struggles for Provisional Teachers

New Teacher Phases

A Coach's Toolkit: Three Ways To Build Trust

Ask Your Mentor ABCs

Communication Adult Learning Mentor Growth and Learning
Active Listening: Katie Owens TedEX

Active Listening Tips

Listening Self-Reflection

Mentor Conversation Stems

Coaching Cycle at a Glance

A Coach's Toolkit: 3 Ways to take Observational Notes

Adult Learning Theory

Generations Video

Chart the Stages of Teacher Development

The Secret to Great Coaching

ASCD: What is a Professional Learning Commuinity

Jim Knight: What Video Helps Us See

Jim Knight's Getting Most Of VideoOpens in a new window

Jim Knight's Watch Your StudentsOpens in a new window

Jim Knight's Watch YourselfOpens in a new window

Jim Knight's Talking About Teaching

Edutopia: How Coaching Can Impact Teachers

Six Reasons Why You Need an Instructional Coach


Observation Forms