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Mentor Policy

USBE Rule 277-522-3 states that Level 1 teachers will collaborate with an assigned mentor.

  • A mentor will be assigned to each Level 1 teacher in the first semester of teaching:
    • The beginning teacher shall be assigned a trained mentor teacher by the principal to supervise and act as a resource for the entry-level teacher.
    • The mentor teacher shall teach in the same school, and where feasible, in the same subject area as the Level 1 teacher.
  • Qualifications of a mentor:
    • A mentor shall hold a Utah Professional Educator's Level 2 or 3 license
    • A mentor shall have completed a mentor training program including continuing professional development.
  • A mentor shall:
    • guide Level 1 teachers to meet the procedural demands of the school and school district;
    • provide moral and emotional support;
    • arrange for opportunities for the Level 1 teacher to observe teachers who use various models of teaching;
    • share personal knowledge and expertise about new materials, planning strategies, curriculum development and teaching methods;
    • assist the Level 1 teacher with classroom management and discipline;
    • support Level 1 teachers on an ongoing basis
    • help Level 1 teachers understand the implications of student diversity for teaching and learning;
    • engage the Level 1 teacher in self-assessment and reflection; and
    • assist with the development of Level 1 teacher's portfolio.

Jordan School District, in a desire to facilitate the professional growth, enculturation, and retention of its new teachers and to comply with Utah law, has a Mentor Teacher Program that requires school principals to assign their provisional teachers a trained mentor. A provisional teacher is a teacher who either holds a level one Utah license with less than three years of experience or a level two or level three teacher during their first year in Jordan School District. The mentor will sign a contract acknowledging their mentoring responsibilities. The Mentor Teacher Specialists are available for mentor training and consultation.