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Why We Mentor?

As teachers, we are asked to fulfill many roles that are required outside of our own classroom doors.  One of those roles is Mentoring.  At a recent meeting, Mentors were asked, "Why Do I Mentor ?" Here are just a few of their thoughts.

  • Develop and foster relationships
  • We want new teachers to stay and build up the profession
  • When teachers succeed--students succeed
  • Give back as part of professional responsibility
  • We learn from them
  • Encourage, inspire and guide
  • Provide a unified vision to be invested in school goals
  • Assist with best practices
  • Mentors become better teachers
  • Teaching is best done collaboratively
  • Re-energize veteran teachers
  • Share our experiences and skills to help new teachers feel connected

Thank you, Mentors, for all that you do and the support you give to the new educators in our district!

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