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Twelve Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

The most effective teachers demonstrate these characteristics

  • Being prepared—come to class ready to teach
  • Having a positive attitude—be optimistic about teaching and students
  • Holding high expectations—believe everyone can be successful
  • Being creative—be resourceful and inventive
  • Demonstrating fairness—handle students and grading fairly
  • Displaying a personal touch—connect with students personally
  • Cultivating a sense of belonging—make students feel welcome and comfortable
  • Showing compassion—relate to students and their problems
  • Having a sense of humor—make learning fun
  • Respecting students—do not embarrass students
  • Demonstrating forgiveness—do not hold grudges
  • Admitting mistakes—quick to admit being wrong

Summarized from research done by Robert J. Walker, Ed.D. at Alabama State University.

For more information about Dr. Walker’s work, please visit:

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