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Lead Mentors Responsibilities

  • Fulfill the responsibilities as outlined in the Lead Mentor Contract.
  • Work with the school administrator to ensure that all provisional educators have been assigned a mentor.
    • Help the school administrator and Mentor Teacher Specialist update information in the shared School Mentoring Google Document (Mentor Spreadsheets).
  • Provide documentation required by law, policy, or rule.
    • Assist the school administrator to ensure that mentors and provisional educators have signed the Mentor/Mentee Contracts, which are kept with the school administration.
    • Have each mentor and mentee maintain a mentoring log that is shared with the administration and lead mentor.
    • Encourage mentors and mentees to fill out district mentoring surveys.
  • Work with the school administrator to ensure that all assigned mentors have completed New Mentor Training provided by the district.
  • Work with the school administrator and/or the District Mentor Teacher Specialist to ensure that all mentors receive ongoing mentor professional development.
  • Serve as the contact person for the district Mentor Teacher Specialist.
    • It is recommended that district Mentor Teacher Specialist and the Lead Mentor communicate with each other once or twice per month.
  • Attend all Lead Mentor trainings.  
  • Model the USBE Mentor Roles and Competencies.
  • Exhibit a deep understanding of effective pedagogy, classroom management, and application of the Jordan School District Multi-tiered PLC Support System (MTSS).

The Lead Mentor stipend will be as follows and paid on the May paycheck:

1-8   Provisional Educators: $200
9-16 Provisional Educators: $250
17+  Provisional Educators: $300

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